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Hichibuku Levels 3 . Cranial Hombu

Hichibuku Goshin-jutsu (秘致武九護身術) - Level 3

Amatsu Tatara Hichibuku Goshin-jutsu

(天津 蹈鞴 秘致武九護身術)

Level 3 - Jōkyū (上級) principle: To treat the body

Introduction to Level 3 principles

Jōkyū (上級) (Level 3- body treatment methods)

Introduction to Shinden (心伝 heart feeling or transmission) principles

  • Fascia (筋膜 Kinmaku)
  • Cranial (頭蓋 Tōgai)
  • Viscera (内臓 Naizō)

    Shinden (心伝) approach to the joints:-
  • Hand (手 te)
  • Elbow (肘 hiji)
  • Shoulder (肩 kata)
  • Feet / legs (足 ashi)
  • Knee (膝 hiza)
  • Thorax (胸部 kyōbu)

    Extremity treatments (手と足の治療 Te to ashi no chiryō)

    Kappō (活法)
    Introduction to emergency methods of resuscitation and for the reversal of acute / immediate injuries.

    (Please note that course contents may be subject to minor variations)

Hichibuku Levels 3 . Me1

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